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The MHS Touchdown Club is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was created to support Marshfield High School football.  The TD Club is a community that includes coaches, players, alumni, parents, friends, and families. We also welcome Marshfield Youth Football families, community members, business owners and all who are passionate about our team.


Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Touchdown Club is to support the MHS Football program, including its student-athletes and coaches.  



  • Build Community:  Whether it be online or on the sideline, we want to provide a gathering place for the Rams Football family.  From players (current & past) to coaches, parents, staff, faculty, students, fans, and family - we strive to strengthen the sense of community amongst all stakeholders in Marshfield Football.

  • Garner Financial Support:  Football is a sport that increasingly requires significant financial resources.  

  • Expand the Network:  The bond developed through football at MHS can last a lifetime.  It is our goal to foster a network that perpetuates this bond beyond Marshfield and brings football players and supporters from all eras together.  




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